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Storefronts: Selected by John ‘Honest Jon’ Clare


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Label: Place No Blame

Format: Tape


Yes, you read it right, the founder of Honest Jons, way back in the early 70s – John Clare – selects for the first emission of the Storefronts tape series for PNB.

Originally a jazz, soul, reggae and blues shop, evolving to its present-day incarnation. According to John “The most important thing was being friendly to anyone who walked through the door”. He sold the business to Mark and Alan in 1992 to practise as a psychotherapist (something he’d been doing all those years behind the counter anyway). Now retired, he is a prolific artist.

What John selects here, shows a flavour of the influences behind the shop he ran for those near twenty years, there’s no knee-jerk fashionable “spiritual” jazz here, just some the titans, the originators, with a tasteful smattering of reggae and blues.

With quality card fold out sleeve featuring one of John’s paintings.