Decibels Mix Vol.2


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Label: Place No Blame

Format: Tape


‘Time’s up’.

Overjoyed to announce a new step for PNB, and another for the artist known as ‘græd’.
Previously heard on physical format in 2019; this secondary, accompanying live-take completes a new temporal cycle for both the maker and its listeners; a mirror to the first edition of Decibels, recorded live, out of sight, outside the RCA in 2018.
græd’s fiery, industrial sonics and horn-led jazz melodies blend wildly with syncopating samples, and a playful vocal poetry that characteristically un-poisons the sonic as well as the linguistic domain – rendering past, present and future a redundant concept outside of this 1 hour of pure experimentation.

A note from the artist:

*I was this now i’m not. I have seen death, fear not. We’re in for a good time. Now further on time stand i, between rock and burn and ravens ay. I am at peace noe this music is an artifact and not a reality. It holds that time, context and an emotional score and ay im not that now. pbrock sees pipes played on open land and i feel ilthe work has gone some way in capturing the body of sound, ecco and ritual through our lens. Safe travels decibels*

Includes reversible, high-weight quality inner J-card sleeves, hand made in UK.
Artwork by James Anicich.


*the body of this cassette is fully transparent and therefore unrecognisable upon the eye. Please conserve together with care.