Ninohe City Nanyatoyara Preservation Society

Nanyatoyara (CD)


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Label: EM

Format: CD


“The Ninohe City Nanyatoyara Preservation Society “Nanyatoyara”
The folk arts of Japan, including music, are an ever-evolving wonderland. Riyo Mountains, a Tokyo-based folk song research/DJ duo, is actively documenting the folk music of various regions in Japan; here they present the fifth in their series of musical documents on EM Records. This particular release focuses on the thunderous drums and powerful vocal phrases of the singular Nanyatoyara dance and song, featured at summer festivals in the northern prefectures of Iwate and Aomori, places with long winters that engender joyous summer celebrations. Nanyatoyara has been a part of local summer festivals in this region for hundreds of years, always evolving. The recordings here, with versions from 2002, 2015 and 2023, featuring impassioned and enthusiastic residents young and old, illustrate the gradual changes which occur over time, all the while adhering to the core and soul of the dance. The pounding, insistent drums and the call-and-response vocals generate a propulsive, irresistible momentum, a jubilant celebration of life and the bounty of summer. CD includes a 20-page booklet featuring English liner notes with translations of the lyrics. Here comes the summer!”