Them Caged Dogs

Today’s Duty, Tomorrow’s Ruin


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Label: Marmo

Format: LP


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“I never think about rhythm versus melody; I’ve always just played to what’s in my head.” Les Claypool, famed bass player of the alternative US-American metal band Primus, once stated. Berlin based multi-layered project Them Caged Dogs, short TCD, would sign his avowal and prove it right with their highly composed debut album “Today’s Duty, Tomorrow’s Ruin” – a wild, surprising LP, full of captivating jazz, rock, alternative, grunge, and punk twists.

Founded by composer and musician Zacharias S. Falkenberg, the four-piece venture centres itself on the edgy corners of experimental rock, melding traditions of stylistically far apart artists like Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Black Midi, Tool, or The Mars Volta in a peculiar, headstrong way.

Before Falkenberg launched TCD, he had already gained scholastic musical experience with The Chronometer’s Orchestra – a chamber ensemble that performed his new music and experimental jazz compositions. To give a rocking response to his former musical avenues, he formed TCD, a liberal, modern, uncompromising, critical of society, art rock group, that avoids clichés while playing them out in a fresh and modern way. Outcast music for misfits, that appreciate sonic adventures full of sudden genre turns. Music, that explicitly stands against misanthropy, populist politics, and xenophobia, in order to back and stimulate diversity.

Berlin based label Marmo Music now issues their strong musical debut statement “Today’s Duty, Tomorrow’s Ruin’”, produced, recorded and written by composer and band leader Zacharias S. Falkenberg and his fellow musicians pianist Philipp Rüttgers, composer and audio designer Pat Cleaver, and jazz drummer Yonga Sun. Eight songs, that can also work as tracks, meandering with playful musical craftsmanship through styles like prog rock, metal, funk, jazz, psychedelic, ambient, cosmic music, and punk.

Apart the song “I Am Collector”, which features ecclesiastical chanting by Berlin based alternative R&B singer/songwriter Fanny Winter aka Mulay, their music solely works with instrumental muscle, spreading the socio-political feelings and ideas of TCD through unorthodox melodies, excited crescendos, twisted rhythms, feverish guitar solos, and vibrant kicking basslines. Out of the head, yet deeply arranged sonics by academically trained arranger and composer Falkenberg and his friends, that think outside the box with distinct, genuine, gut driven rock music.

Mastered by Helmut Erler.