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The Essential Doi Inthanon: Classic Isan Pops from the 70s-80s


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Label: Em Records

Format: CD


A revered figure in his native Isan region, and indeed throughout Thailand, Doi Inthanon is a legendary producer, composer, visionary and talent-spotter, a man who combines business acumen with an unerring ability to both predict and engender new directions in Thai popular music. Fittingly naming himself after the tallest mountain in the nation, he has towered over Thai music since the early 70s, and is still active today. This compilation, the first ”various artists” collection in the EM Records + Soi 48 Thai music series, is an avalanche of Doi Inthanon productions, big hits and rare treasures spanning the early 70s to the mid-80s. The songs here cover a range of genres, comprising luk thung isan, Thai funk, and molam, including examples of ”lam phaen”, one of several styles created by the producer himself. Doi Inthanon is highly regarded as a developer of singers, and this compilation has no shortage of greats: national icons Angkanang Khunchai and Po Chalatnoi Songsoem, second-generation molam idols such as Onuma Singsiri and Hongthong Dao-udon, soul sister No. 1 Khwanta Fasawang, and 80s-90s Isan star Thongmai Mali. This vital collection gathers hard-to-find tracks, issued on various labels in Thailand, including Double Rabbits, Apple, Uea Aree and his own private label. Compilation, liner notes and cover art by Soi 48, with Japanese and English liner notes & lyrics.

Mon Mueangnuea – Sang Bangkok / Chabaphrai Namwai – Lam Phloen Chabaphrai / Angkanang Khunchai – Kapo Lom / Onuma Singsiri – Sao Mo Lam Cham Rak / Nutchanat Nanthana – Siang So Sakit Chai / Hongthong Dao-udon – Hongthong Tam Faen / Thongthai Thin-isan – Lam Phloem Rai Thiam Than Phak 1 / Sopha Chanthrathip – Lam Phloen Rak Num Motorsai Tham Lon / Po Chalatnoi Songsoem – Toei Kiao Lao Ao / Khwanta Fasawang – Lam Phaen Chao Mae 4 Hai / Thongmai Mali – Lam Phaen Chao Pho 4 Hai / Po Chalatnoi & Khwanta Fasawang – Toei Hua Don Tan Sat Kham Wao