Japan Blues Meets The Dengie Hundred

Sturdy Freetrade Canvas Bag


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Label: Japan Blues

Format: Bag


Unknown item in the bagging area …

Yes indeed, the Japan Blues Meets The Dengie Hundred LP sleeve artwork, as featured on their LP release for the mighty Demdike Stare. With the last bags for “Sells His Record Collection” and the album itself long sold out, it’s time to clear the cutting table – there’s a new bag in town.

In the house style: lovingly printed on both sides, antique kimono fabric design background, with a sepia photograph of a gothic group of miscreants and party goers from 1930s Japan, from the JB archive.

Printed on sturdy freetrade organic cotton canvas, this bag will probably outlast the best of us. It can carry a good 30 LPs, or whatever floats your small boat. Big up, bag it up, there’s only 100 made.