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Storefronts: Selected by Alan’s Records


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Label: Place No Blame

Format: Tape


Tucked away at the end of East Finchley high road in, past the cinema, book shop – both also independent – and the funeral stonemasons, sits Alan’s Records. For well over 20 years only ever manned by Alan himself. A purely secondhand emporium, with bargains in all genres, something for anyone with a turntable (or CD player). No pretensions, no nonsense, just a mad jumble of records, everywhere you turn, with nooks and crannies crammed further still.

Record shops from all over the world come here to buy stock, one of those ironies of capitalism. A lazy description might be “a digger’s paradise” but fuck that, it’s a great shop run by a genuine human being. Having discovered that Alan is a fan of punk music, PNB sought to set in stone (or on tape) a few of Alan’s favourites. Not so much indie label rare grooves here, in fact it’s quite a popular sounding selection. But it gives a flavour of that time, and it is selected by one of the greatest surviving record shop owners.

With quality card fold-out sleeve.