Dean Carter

Rebel Woman / I Got A Girl


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Label: Ethbo

Format: 7”


Rapid fire, singular car crash of rockabilly and psychededelic moves from (now Reverend) Dean Carter. The way we like it: like nothing else on earth, and with a tank full of whisky and pills (possibly).

Carter created these masterpieces in his home studio in the late 60s. Like the Japanese soldiers found living in the jungle, years after the war had finished, he had been recording for many years, maybe not realising that rockabilly was out of fashion, maybe not caring, and utilising modern production effects that had recently come on the market. The flip, previously unreleased, is a nutty hoedown, with Carter screaming over the top of a panting go-go chorus.

The only rockabilly tune mastered at Dubplates & Mastering as far as we know.