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Music · Perspective Vol.1 (CD)


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Label: Music Perspective

Format: CD


“First missive on new label from Simon Gabriel, late of 2 Bridges NYC, and Georgia’s Justin Tripp. Disarming and timely cornucopia of stateless, off-kilter tendencies. Cryptic puzzle of pop, tech, noise, bangers and outsiders. Nu-digital folklore, disembodied voices, MIDI caprices. Through-line of vital currency. Designed to confound and excite. Early ‘00s slimline mixtape packaging, built for repeat plays – no digital.”

2 Bridges formed around the same time as Low Company, and as we set up distribution, in the UK. Both shops were a breath of fresh air, now we’re the only set up still kicking against the pricks, sometimes it seems out of sheer blooded-mindedness. Dealing with both shops, particularly Sanjay at Low and Simon in NY, a lot of dry wisecracks and sceptical comments flew back & forth, some of it aimed at the swathe of pompous-ass releases we all have to witness. It’s excilarating to see Simon reappear, with this cocking-a-snook at the po-faced collection of whimsical, musical styles (and non-styles) mashed up, on the format that most hipsters turn their nose up at: the dread CD. Like it or lump it, it’s a great selection. – Japan Blues