Philipp Weiss

Knackless 3 [Tape]


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Label: Knackless

Format: Tape


Having A Golden Hand
Good Indigo
Delayed Mind
Looking For Something
The Clown
3×3^2 #1
Microbiotic Music
That Horizontal Feeling B3: Melodei
Sabishikute さびしくて

“The first tape on Knackless in 2020 is Philipp Weiss’ brazen endeavour in morphing acoustics into electronics via an all but random assembly of instrumental sonics and processing thereof. At times smooth, at others bumpy, the ambience of the tape is plush and comforting. Ten snippets offering an alternate perspective of things, a juxtaposition to the modern affliction of attention-scarcity, providing a break in your daily routine, if you like. A collection of really anything you’d like to imagine while listening.”

All tracks written and produced by Philipp Weiss and mastered by Philipp Matalla.