Sugai Ken

Goto No Yoniwa CD


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Label: Em Records

Format: CD


SUGAI KEN has spent many evenings on a riverbank in Kanangawa, listening to the night sounds of insects, becoming familiar with their timbres, pitches, and rhythms, hearing how the sounds are layered and how they change over time. For over a year, during 2004-05, he constructed ”Goto no Yoniwa”, using electronic means to recreate this night sound-world, painstakingly and lovingly generating each individual sound and placing it appropriately, without the aid of automation software, crafting a hand-made electronic sonic atmosphere. These are not field recordings, but rather an inspired, hand-crafted homage to to the magic of the night sounds of Japanese summer, a unique and stimulatingly soothing hour-long composition, instantly recognizable and yet somehow mysterious and obscure. With a title which can be loosely translated as ”Garden in the Night”, these recordings will appeal both to those interested in nature sounds as well as fans of synthesis and electronic music. Come join SUGAI KEN in celebrating the beauty of the night.