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Gaia Tones

Gaia Tones – 002


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Label: Gaia Tones

Format: 12”

Product Description

“A loose, organic swarm of steel-bound percussion, meditative bass frequencies and improvisational tonal shifts mark the second instalment of Gaia Tones, with the label’s vision remaining conscious: one track per side filling the entirety of the 12” plate, giving these tunes a life of their own. GT002 sparks to life with side A’s “Chains”, a warped, mystical groove that speaks for the imprint’s deep-rooted sufferation. With a slow-burning swagger of four-to-the-floor, side B’s “Shackles” digs deeper into the earth’s elements, allowing the room to fill up with that familiar gust of machine haze. Experimentation with a message.”

Comes in hand stamped label and sleeve artwork.