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Decibels Mix Vol.1


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Label: Place No Blame

Format: Tape

græd is a Glasgow-based horn player and composer whose work unpacks themes of labour, process, facilitation, counterculture and liturgy in the context of the contemporary dance scene. græd’s compositions are created live and developed with the audience. His creation process employs horns, voice, percussion and the loop-based technology that facilitates grime, trap and trance music.

“I see sculptures when I look at the audience”

Done without the intention of capturing a rehearsed time signature but, instead, to force the music into the unknown by allowing the skeleton of the work to retain unpredictability. This side of the græd’s work is grounded in a free jazz, with the idea that something unique is created between an audience and a performer, As such – a shared present.

Feverish, pagan nights of percussion. A ticket to a psychoactive place at once familiar yet obscure.