Suthep Daoduangmai Band

Come My Brother, Let’s Go to the City! CD


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Label: Em Records

Format: CD


We all know Thailand is a place where magic happens, and sometimes it’s a place where dreams come true. Suthep Daoduangmai was an ordinary man from the predominantly rural Isan region with a long-cherished dream of forming a band under his own name, even though he wasn’t a musician. After a spell of hard work overseas, he returned home wealthy and, magically, formed one of the most successful molam groups ever, an extravagant orchestra with over thirty members, including twelve dancers, blending traditional Isan instruments with modern Western instruments, and featuring four excellent singers, two male, two female. Of particular note is that legendary singer Siriphon Amphaiphong, along with her sister, made her debut with this band. But perhaps this wasn’t all magic; Suthep Daoduangmai had an innate musical sense and a keen populist spirit, enlisting great singers and bringing in master producer Doi Inthanon to help hone his vision. This album, originally released in 1984, was a super-hit throughout Thailand, highlighting producer Doi’s entertaining new dance-friendly ”lam phaen” style, with lively tempos and street-wise country-meets-city lyrics, as exemplified in the title track in which the two male singers head to Bangkok and show the city folks what’s what. Originally released on cassette, plus a few vinyl copies for radio play, this 1984 sensation is available again now on vinyl, and, for the first time, on CD. Feel the magic! Compilation, liner notes and sleeve artwork by Soi 48.


Lam Phaen Song Phi Nong Long Krung Part 1 (Come My Brother… Part 1) / Lam Phaen Song Phi Nong Long Krung Part 2 (Come My Brother… Part. 2) / Lam Phaen Khon Khi Mo (I’m A Billionaire) / Lam Phaen Chip Nang Ek Molam (Lovely Molam Princess) / Lam Phaen Sang Khon Khi Khui (Big Mouth) / Lam Phaen Sao Molam Ro Rak (A Molam Girl Waiting For Love) / Lam Phaen Ma Chang Dai Pai Chang San (I Know How This Ends) / Lam Phaen Chat Na Ton Bai Bai (Let’s Meet In The Afterlife)