Don't DJ

Don't DJ

Hyperspace Is The Place / Hyperspace Is No Place


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Label: EM Records

Format: LP

Product Description

This mini album has its title inspired by “Space Is the Place”, one of Sun Ra’s most thematically outbound releases. Sun Ra’s rocket-propelled vision is electronically diverted and re-channeled to unknowable and unnameable destinations in these 2016 recordings by German electronic/experimental producer Florian Meyer, aka Don’t DJ, a member of the Durian Brothers and co-runner of the Diskant and SEXES labels.

Channeling the Sun Ra Orchestra’s sprawling Afro-futurist vitality, concentrating that energy through his own focus on evolving repetition, alien intervals and subtle variations of rhythm and timbre, Don’t DJ heads for (no)places unknown. Get on board!

A1     Hyperspace Is The Place
A2     Forest People Plot
Vocals, Co-producer – Derek Piotr
B1     Hyperspace Is No Place
B2     Evolove Version